4 Ways to Market Your Business For FREE

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If you're interested in new marketing ideas for your business or maybe you just launched a new business but aren't sure how to get yourself out there, well my friend you're in luck. In this post we're going to cover all the basics, 4 free ways to market yourself in 2019.

1. Social Media

In my opinion this is the MOST important and you should already be doing this in your business, Social Media Marketing. Each platform has unique ways to grow and share your company to reach your ideal audience. Its the fastest and easiest way to get the word out there for FREE! The power comes from knowing your audience on each platform and serving them with the content you know they will love.  Each social media platform serves in a different way (blog post coming soon about ALL platforms), for example Facebook is great for business information, sharing blog posts, posting special offers and creating a community. Facebook users are spread fairly evenly in terms of ages and demographics, making it the friendliest for reaching a diverse audience.

Use Instagram for engaging the right audience by using eye catching photography of your product or service. Have fun with instagram by using the story feature, hashtags and boomerangs. You can really captivate your brands personality through Instagram by showing different aspects of your business.

Ok, with all of this you’re probably wondering, what do I post? How do I know if I’m reaching my audience? Look at your level of engagement on the past few posts you’ve shared. Which ones were the most popular? What type of content was posted? Take note of the most popular and create more content like that. It should be the invitation and the handshake to get that perspective client to take the next step to click off the app and visit your website, your shop or reach out! 

2.  Grow Your Email List

Starting growing your email list. Getting started early is super important! I use MailChimp, its free and super easy to use! Start growing your email list by doing special promotions, give away free content or new product launch. Once you grow your list you’re able to reach your ideal clients in a much more intimate way and deliver them content you know they will love. They opted in for a reason, they want your updates, content or whatever it is you are offering. 

3. The Power of Testimonials

Encourage your past clients to give you testimonials. Ask them to give you reviews on Facebook, Google, Yelp, Groupon (if you have one) or any other platforms your business uses that has review capabilities.  Using other peoples words to describe your work is one of the biggest ways to market yourself. Once you get a testimonial and its AWESOME blast it everywhere on social media, include it in your email copy, plaster it on your website. Allow your clients to do the talking!

4. Collaborate with Other Businesses

Challenge yourself to reach out and collaborate with other businesses. Focus your efforts on getting your content, resources and knowledge in front of people. How? Submit to publications, create articles, blog posts, be a guest on a podcast, give value for free, share your insights. Do research on other businesses you can collaborate with. Look for what they might be lacking and think about how you can help. 

And there you have it my friends! Marketing does not always have to be daunting or cost you money, it just has to be backed with a solid strategy and your end goal.  How are you sharing your value, getting your message out there and getting people to fall in love with your business?